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Brittany Lewis
Nov 20, 2018

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

With Thanksgiving being just two days away I wanted to take a moment to share a few tips on how to avoid over eating that day. Sure it’s ok to plan a day to take a break from the diet and enjoy some family traditions. However swapping out a few dishes that aren’t a secret family recipe for a clean one here and there or not eating until the point of misery can just as rewarding.

Read my 7 suggestions bellow and see if there isn’t at least 2 you can implement to be 1% better this Thanksgiving than you were last. Just a little bit more mindful. Then take a moment to surf through the attached Pinterest page of recipes.  Some are clean, some are paleo, all are a little on the healthier side of Thanksgiving.

7 Tips to avoiding overeating this Thanksgiving  

1.      Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes – One sure way to avoid overeating is to wear form fitting clothes. When you wear loose clothes, you may not register that you are full, making it easier to overeat. Wear pants with a belt, a form fitting skirt, or your snug skinny jeans. These clothes will signal that you’ve had enough.  
2.      Don’t fast all day – It’s a bit of a no brainer but fasting until 6 PM Thursday only means one thing: overeating. (Plus no one likes a hungry, cranky relative.)   
3.      Stay Hydrated – Instead of starving yourself, be sure to stay plenty hydrated. Drinking a glass of water twenty minutes before you sit down to have a meal can reduce the number of calories you consume during the meal.  
4.      Imbibe Wisely – While it is unrealistic to say that you will not drink at all on Thanksgiving, I suggest that you choose to enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail with the meal. Drinking alcohol tends to decrease your inhibitions and if you drink early on, you may end up overeating and having several drinks. Looking forward to a drink with dinner is the best way to avoid eating too much. 
5.    EAT SLOWLY!! – Remember this is PN rule #1. The slower you eat and appreciate what it is you are eating the sooner you will hear your fullness cues. Avoid the triptophan nap and burn a few extra calories. Then if you decide you still want a little more holiday goodness you can return for leftovers.  
6.      Eat lowest-calorie food first – There’s no harm in filling up your plate, just make sure it’s mostly stacked with vegetables or salad. Half of the plate should be low-calorie foods, and the remaining half your carbs and protein. Simply said… eat your veggies first, probably the protein next, and last, the high-fat, high-calorie carbs. That way you’ll feel full and satisfied quicker. By the time you hit the calorie bombs, you’ll only have room for a bite or two.  
7.      Get up from the table when done – Remember Eat to 80% full! PN golden rule #2.  Do not sit with food in front of you calling your name.  You can end up eating an entire meal’s worth just from picking at the stuff that’s in front of you.  

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

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