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Brittany Lewis
Aug 24, 2019

These Foods Will Help You Live Longer, According to a New Study

Newsflash: Eating more plants is good for you. Though this may not be mind-blowing information, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association provides new evidence on just how beneficial plant-forward diets can be. We all know that eating fruits and veggies is a good idea, but this study focused on how a Read More »

Brittany Lewis
Aug 23, 2019

Can the Coffee Diet Really Help With Weight Loss—and Is It Safe?

The health benefits of coffee have been touched on before, as well as the potential perks of coffee naps, and why enjoying a cup before a workout may lead to better fitness results. Now, coffee has become the central component of a weight loss plan some refer to as “the coffee diet.” What is the coffee diet, Read More »

Jimmy Peters
Aug 22, 2019

17 Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun

There are runs where you feel like you could keep going for miles. Your ponytail is flying fabulously in the wind, your legs feel fresh, and you’re cranking up the speed. Then there are the other runs. The ones that feel hard, where someone must have poured cement in your legs overnight. The ones that Read More »

Brittany Lewis
Aug 21, 2019

Frozen Raspberry Yogurt Granola Bites

Active time: 15 minutes Total time: 4 hours, 15 minutes These little froyo tartlets are super simple to make and offer a sweet hit from ripe raspberries and a hint of honey, plus protein from Greek yogurt. The bottom “crust” is made of granola mixed with coconut oil so they won’t crumble while you’re nibbling. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Nutrition & Health
Brittany Lewis
Aug 20, 2019

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Exercise Endurance

If your daily workouts aren’t giving you the rush your body needs and craves, chances are you need to push yourself further. This is where endurance comes into play. Endurance is the ability to withstand unpleasant or difficult situations with persistence. The urge to push oneself past limitations is embedded in human nature. This is Read More »

Bill Brown
Aug 19, 2019

5 Great Things About Recovery Days

Whether you’re an avid runner, cyclist or yogi or you prefer the variety afforded by a big box gym, there’s something we all have in common: the need for a good recovery day. Taking one or two days off per week helps the muscles repair after the stress exercise imposes upon them. The more intense your workout, the greater the Read More »

Brittany Lewis
Aug 17, 2019

7 Reliable Weight-Loss Tactics to Try if You’re Not Losing Weight

It’s no secret losing weight in a healthy way takes time: Experts agree it’s safe to shed 1–2 pounds per week. However, if the scale just won’t budge don’t be discouraged — there are strategies you can use to overcome a weight-loss plateau. “Listening to your body, challenging yourself with exercise, sleeping well and managing your stress with enjoyable activities will all help you push forward Read More »

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Brittany Lewis
Aug 16, 2019

7 Myths About Dietary Fats You Should Stop Believing Right Now

From the fat-phobic 1990s to today’s keto-crazed culture, it’s clear that the obsession with dietary fat permeates generation after generation of dieters. But whether you love it or hate it, dietary fat plays an important role in keeping your body healthy and strong. In fact, it influences everything from your metabolism to your immunity and Read More »

Steve Levert
Aug 15, 2019

The Best Time To Workout Is Actually In The Morning—Here’s Why

Hotly debated fitness topics are in no short supply: yoga vs. pilates, cardio vs. strength training, treadmill vs. outdoor running—the list goes on. But no dispute is as polarizing as the one surrounding morning vs. evening workouts. Of course, the absolute best time to work out is whenever gym time meshes with your schedule, so you actually show up Read More »

Bill Brown
Aug 14, 2019

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong

For decades we’ve seen progress in the fight against heart disease. While it has remained the No. 1 killer of men and women in the U.S., the rates were steadily declining. That is, until recently. Troublingly, that trend has stalled or even begun to reverse in the U.S. and several other high-income countries, according to Read More »


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