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Bill Brown
Nov 19, 2019

Why Isometric Exercises Are So Effective

These days, it seems like exercise is all go-go-go. But sometimes, it pays to stay still — especially when isometric exercises are involved. “Anyone can do [isometric exercises] and should include them as part of a well-rounded fitness regimen,” says Kristian Flores, a certified strength and conditioning coach in New York City. Here’s the lowdown on Read More »

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Bill Brown
Nov 08, 2019

Arena District Athletic Club Open House: Nov. 11 – 14

FINISH 2019 STRONG 💪 See what it’s like to not just join…BELONG! If you are not currently a member but interested in joining a clean and modern gym conveniently located in the heart of the Arena District, stop by anytime between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. November 11 – 14. Tour the Arena District Athletic Read More »

Brittany Lewis

9 Simple Ways to Stack Habits for Weight-Loss Success

Creating new healthy habits can be extremely difficult, especially when losing weight requires long-term changes to your diet, fitness, sleep schedule and more. But other habits — like brushing your teeth, eating three meals a day and winding down before bed — come so automatically you don’t even have to think about them. That’s why combining the two, also known as Read More »

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Bill Brown
Nov 07, 2019

“Afterburn” Explained (Yes, You Burn Extra Calories After Certain Workouts)

“Afterburn” is a popular buzzword in the fitness community — especially where fat loss is concerned. So, what is it? Afterburn is another name for a physiological effect known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). In a nutshell, afterburn, or EPOC, refers to the amount of oxygen your body needs post-workout to get you back to Read More »

Bill Brown
Nov 06, 2019

What to do if Lunges Hurt Your Knees

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with lunges. But if you can’t lunge without feeling a twinge in your knees, it’s likely a hate-hate relationship. It’s not uncommon to feel knee discomfort or pain during lunges. The worst offenders tend to be forward lunges, walking lunges and jump lunges, says Dani Almeyda, corrective exercise Read More »

Brittany Lewis
Nov 05, 2019

5 Reasons to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Maybe you don’t have the time to go out to lunch most weekdays, or you’ve just grown accustomed to eating at your desk because it’s quick and easy. But eating lunch somewhere other than your workspace can have a positive effect on your productivity levels and your appetite. The next time you need a reminder Read More »

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Jimmy Peters
Nov 04, 2019

If I’m Not Sweating, Is My Workout Hard Enough?

            How much you sweat and how difficult your workout is aren’t always related. Let’s take a deeper dive into sweat. WHY WE SWEAT Sweating is all about temperature control. Once our body temperature surpasses 98.6ºF, sweat glands are triggered to release a mixture of sodium chloride, other electrolytes and water. Read More »

Bill Brown
Nov 01, 2019

What Happens to Your Body on Sugar

Sugar is often maligned for a host of chronic health problems, most notably heart disease. Not only can consuming too much stand in the way of your goal to lose weight, but it can also crowd out good-for-you, nutrient-rich foods from your diet. Despite the warnings, many people still overdo it. “The average daily sugar consumption in the U.S. is Read More »

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Brittany Lewis
Oct 31, 2019

The 10 Best—and the 10 Worst—Halloween Candies

As soon as October hits, debates on hot-button political issues take a backseat to what might be the most important discussion of all time: Which Halloween candy is the best, and which is the worst? To find out, aggregated data from several best and worst lists from sources like Business Insider, Bon Appétit, and BuzzFeed, and combined its Read More »

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Bill Brown
Oct 30, 2019

Take The Stairs

Health Fitness Revolution advocates being healthy and balanced. We realize that getting a full workout in every day is not realistic, but there are easy ways to incorporate being active in your day-to-day routine! It’s important to stay active during the day- by becoming more active during the day, you are supplementing your workouts and Read More »


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