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Ali Heck
Aug 24, 2015

Bridal Boot Camp – Day 50

Day 50 – August 24

It is officially less than 2 weeks until the big sha-BANG. Holy nerves of steal. Thus begins my week of all the final things that I have to get done before we leave for Colorado next week.

I have a dentist appointment, and appointment to get my foot shot with cortisone, my eyebrows waxed, my eyelashes extended. Amidst all this chaos and excitement I have decided to try and relieve some tension with a massage. Thankfully, the Arena District Athletic Club has a HydroMassage table that is completely free to use when you join Bridal Bootcamp. I should have taken advantage of this so much more often. I might do this everyday this week!


I think massage as a form of stress relief is one of the best things ever created. There is just something that feels magical about it. Like it’s actually squeezing the stress right out of your body. I like to imagine it like that sometimes. Like I’m a human sponge and I’m full of stress, but all you have to do is squeeze me a bit and all the stress leaks out.

HydroMassage does just that. It uses high water pressure to push the stress (and/or muscle soreness) right out of your muscles. I love it because it’s super convenient. It’s a dry, full body massage that you can get fully clothed. You just lay down on the bed, set the water pressure, and relax. The Arena District Athletic Club is one of the only fitness facilities in Columbus that has a HydroMassage bed.

Let’s start with the benefits you can see and feel after one use. HydroMassage is an incredible way to warm up the muscles before your fitness training and loosen your muscles after training to prevent soreness from repeated resistance-based motions used in weight training, or participating in high intensity group exercise classes, like a Tabata workout or some TRX classes. I chose the deep tissue option for the water pressure, which was the most firm pressure.
It helped melt away my knots and stress. Lastly, and I had to look this up, hydrotherapy is known to deliver enough pressure to the body to release harmful toxins out through the pores.

If you are interested, you should come try it for yourself. Just tell them that Charlie sent you! You can also sign up for Bridal Boot Camp and help get your body into the best shape you can for your big day.

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