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Ali Heck
Jul 30, 2015

Bridal Boot Camp – Day 25

Day 25 – July 30

This week has been a whirlwind of fast-paced fitness facts and incredible muscle fatigue. As a former runner, I can say that I have felt muscle fatigue before, but it’s always been in my legs and I’ve gotten great at rolling and stretching. But Bridal Boot Camp has surely changed that.

Strength training brings on a kind of sore that I’ve never experienced before. At first I hated it. It’s terrible to feel pain trying to brush your teeth in the morning. But I’ve become addicted to it. Maybe it’s due in part to my generations affinity to instant gratification, but I love feeling the results of my workout.

I took the Strength Finder test a few years ago and one of my top strengths is that I’m an Achiever. I like to set and accomplish goals and I like to do it fast. The instantaneous results of my efforts are what drives me and motivates me. In the past, my fitness has suffered because I don’t see clear, instant results. I’d get impatient that I couldn’t “see” a change or difference in my body. Not long after starting a workout regime, I’d give up.

Working out with the personal trainers at the Arena District Athletic Club has really begun to change that for me. I used to be a cardio junky and spend all my time at the gym on a treadmill, elliptical or spin bike. Now that I feel more comfortable using some other equipment and I’ve been trained in the correct form, I’ve taken on a lot more strength training moves. Even the group fitness classes that I’ve been frequenting have me using more weights to tighten and tone my muscles.

Sore muscles meme

This has left me in the wake of the glorious fulfillment that comes with being super sore after a workout. It satisfies my need for instant gratification – I KNOW that my workouts are working. I know that I will see results because I can feel them in my muscles.

I found this picture and I think it’s more than accurate. But I have my own impossible tasks to add.

Sore Muscles

Impossible task after I work my:

Shoulders – closing the hatch of my SUV. I had to get groceries the other day and I wish I could have caught on video my face as I struggled to get that hatch to close. Lifting my arms above my head hurt and then using my shoulders to pull down that hatch made me want to buy that car that has the foot lift gate thingy.

Legs – sitting down and standing up have become an immensely difficult task. I have come up with my own stretch for this type of pain. As soon as I get fully planted in my chair, I shoot my legs up and out in front of me to stretch out those tired muscles. I have deemed this move the “Zooming Duck,” for no other reason than it makes me laugh and that is sort of what I feel like.

Abs – sneezing. Sneezing with sore abs is the absolute worst because they are so spontaneous and take you off guard.

Chest – opening a refrigerator. So the next time I am cutting calories, I’m going to do a ton of chest work so that I’m so sore, the thought of trying to open the refrigerator repulses me. Also, opening any jars. Goodbye peanut butter, goodbye pickles. I shall not be partaking in your deliciousness for several days.

My new found love for this pain has driven me to find comfort in the steam room. The Arena District Athletic Club is one of the ONLY gyms in Columbus that offers a steam room.

I have made a habit of going in there to relax and stretch my tired muscles as often as I can after any workout. Not only has it worked as relief for my aching appendages, but I’ve also noticed it’s helped with my allergies.

I never had allergies until I moved to Ohio, now I suffer from March-October. But the steam helps clear out my nasal passages and I find myself breathing much easier.

I looked up other benefits of a steam room as well because I’ve been sold on how good it can be for your health to sit in steam for a while. Steam can help with circulation issues. It works by allowing blood vessels to enlarge in response to the heat which allows for increased flow of blood throughout the body. This is another way that a steam room helps relieve muscle fatigue – you are helping your body deliver more oxygen rich blood to all those tired tissues.

Its next to impossible to get a great picture in a steam room, so here is a great representation.

Its next to impossible to get a great picture in a steam room, so here is a great representation.

Steam can also help clarify your skin. The moist heat stimulates blood flow just under the skin and cleanses skin by opening pores and removing dead skin and impurities. Because you also begin to sweat, steam helps remove toxins from your body.

You should totally stop by one day and try it. I’ll be there relishing the soreness of my hard workouts!

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