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Ali Heck
Aug 07, 2015

Bridal Boot Camp – Day 33

Day 33 – August 7

There are less than 30 days until my wedding!!! I can’t even believe it. It’s happening so fast.

The great news is that the program is working. My arms look tighter and more toned, and when I do the “Whip” and the “Nay Nay” there is no flapping under my arm. Every ounce of work has been paying off and the personal trainers here at the Arena District Athletic Club have been incredibly encouraging!

This week I’ve been working on my push ups. I’ve been doing several different variations on a modified push up in order to build my strength up to the point I can do a real push up all by myself. I can tell I’ve gotten stronger because I can do 3-4 sets of 10 modified push ups now, when before I felt the most I could do was eight in a row.

I’m still doing the modified push ups where I’m at an incline using a bar, or another modification where I’m on my knees instead of my toes. I’ve been focusing on keeping my shoulders back and my core tight.

Today I took the Ultimate Conditioning Class with Liz and she had us do something called a Tricep Push Up. Instead of your elbows going back in a 45 degree angle from your body, you try and keep them parallel to your body, thus making your triceps do most of the work. They are challenging.

Tricep Push Up

Another thing I’ve been focusing on is bicep curls. I want my arms to look stunning in my dress and I want people to be in awe of my guns. It’s WORKING!!!

Here are some photos I took of my arms today.Arms Mid Session

Here are some photos I took when I had just started this transformation.

Arm Start

Can you see the super amazing difference it has made?! This ladies and gentlemen is the result of only 33 days of consistent hard work!!!

Other than that, I’ve really been trying to real in my sugar intake. I have been ice cream sober since last week. Any longer and I’m going to need a pin! But really, I’ve gotten some dried ginger that has been candied in raw cane sugar, so it’s a healthier alternative to a snickers or some Hot Tamales. I eat a few pieces after dinner and it usually does a pretty good job of knocking out my sweet tooth. So I’m well on my way of getting wedding dress ready!

Oh and Columbus Bride has this awesome blog out about my journey!!! You should totally check it out.

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